Our work aims to provide emergency shelter for victims of elder abuse as well as to enhance public awareness and knowledge about the issue at large.

In order to best support and empower our community, we focus on a number of projects and initiatives that keep those in our care moving forward, every day.


The Weinberg Center is the nation’s first regional emergency elder abuse shelter. We provide a holistic service model for elder abuse victims including a safe and secure environment, a full continuum of medical, psychological, therapeutic and social services and a uniquely tailored legal action plan. Professional referrals can be made via our 24 hour hotline at 800.56.SENIOR. 



The Weinberg Center team works continuously to increase overall awareness by spearheading outreach efforts and creating and delivering uniquely tailored trainings about elder abuse warning signs, responses and intervention strategies to a wide variety of audiences, including: medical, legal, social service, law enforcement, clergy, doormen, and other community eyes and ears. For information about education and training, please contact us at 718.581.1472 or email weinbergtraining@hebrewhome.org



At the core of the Weinberg Center’s philosophy is the need for a multi-disciplinary response to complex cases of elder abuse. Having integrated this method into the shelter’s daily operations since its inception, the Weinberg Center actively supports the use of multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) as a critical aid in the case referral process, helping to better utilize limited resources for maximum impact. The Weinberg Center is currently an active partner in five teams throughout NYC and Westchester County. 



Swift and appropriate legal action is critical to successful outcomes in elder abuse cases. Whether in Family, Housing, Criminal or Supreme Courts, the Weinberg Center’s attorneys advocate zealously on behalf of each client, in accordance with a personalized legal action plan. 



A civil order of protection against an abuser is a powerful weapon in a victim’s legal arsenal. However, the onerous travel, wait times and logistical arrangements required by this process have a significant chilling effect on victims. The Weinberg Center’s legal staff has been at the forefront of advocating and assisting with implementation of a protocol that allows local community agencies, such as Family Justice Centers, to assist older adults in submitting, retrieving and serving court papers as well as making telephonic court appearances. Courts in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx have implemented this protocol, and the Weinberg Center continues to work with court personnel to maximize efficient and effective services. 



As the nation’s first regional elder abuse shelter, the Weinberg Center has continuously supported replication of its shelter model in other long term care facilities and has successfully fostered replications in over 14 independent facilities. The SPRiNG Alliance (Shelter Partners: Regional. National. Global.) lends structure to this replication program. The SPRiNG Alliance’s mission is to create a network of elder abuse shelters with close working relationships, shared expertise and technical assistance, common standards of excellence and a vibrant community of support. For more information, please visit spring-alliance.org



The Hebrew Home at Riverdale has launched It’s Your Call, an innovative program that provides every staff member with comprehensive domestic violence training and creates a protocol to assist and respond to staff members dealing with issues of domestic violence. Working with experts from the Pace Women’s Justice Center and Safe Horizon, we have created an innovative curriculum focusing specifically on the impact of domestic violence on the workplace, particularly within an environment of medically fragile older adults. 



The Weinberg Center staunchly supports every older adult’s right to sexual expression, while recognizing that some may be particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse. A thought leader on this complex and cutting edge issue, the Weinberg Center has convened symposia, published articles and conducted trainings aimed at further exploring and understanding the topic. 



The Weinberg Center has created an elder abuse screening process that connects us with the wide network of services RiverSpring Health operates across the continuum of care. Every resident in the Hebrew Home and client in our network is screened with the goal of identifying instances of possible elder abuse. These cases are flagged for further investigation by the Weinberg Center’s Community Outreach Specialist. 



The metaphor of growth and renewal comes alive when Weinberg Center clients work alongside high school students from the Hebrew Home’s HOPE school to plant, maintain and harvest a beautiful garden on our grounds.