Find out more about the legal progress we've made to help put an end to elder abuse

Advantages of the Elder Law Experience
By Emily Bensco, Adam Cooper, and Kristen Chang
With Deirdre Lok, Donna Harkness and Matthew Andres

Experience Aging Alone
by Cate Russel, Hina Qureshi, and Deirdre Lok

Expereince EA and Ethics
by Malya Levin and Deirdre Lok

Putting the "Sex" in Sexagenarian: Older Adults, Dementia and the Case of Henry Rayhons
by Malya Levin, Joy Solomon and Deirdre Lok

Aging Outside the Traditional Family: Problems and Possibilities
by Cate Russell and Hina Qureshi with Deirdre Lok

Ethics and Elder Abuse: An Attorney's Obligations - Part 1
by Malya Levin and Deirdre Lok

Heeding the Call: Response to National Survey on Elder Law Education
by Joy Solomon and Meredith Feinman

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly: Legislative Update 
by Elizabeth Henry Klampert and Malya Levin

Spotlight on Elder Abuse: Looking Up from the Law
by Joy Solomon and Malya Levin

Brooklyn Law School Elder Rights Clinic Takes Unique Housing Court Approach
by Deirdre Lok

Access to Justice by Telephone and Other Advances in Safety for Elder Abuse Victims
by Deirdre Lok

Brooklyn Law School Launches Elder Rights Clinic
by Deirdre M.W. Lok and Jane Landry-Reyes

Why Elder Law? A Recent Graduate's Perspective
by Malya Levin, Deirdre Lok, and Joy Solomon

Changing of The Guardians: A Criticism and Analysis of the New York Guardianship Statute's Impact on Elder Abuse Victims
by Joy Solomon, Esq., Deirdre Lok, Esq., and Malya Kurzweil Levin, Esq.

The Sexual Revolution's Last Frontier: How Silence About Sex Undermines Health, Well-Being, and Safety in Old Age
by Marie-Therese Connolly, Risa Breckman, Jean Callahan, Mark Lachs, Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik, and Joy Solomon